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Why Won’t Our State Reps Co-Sponsor Speed Camera Repeal?

Are you fed up with speed cameras & red light cameras threatening your civil liberties and your personal finances?

If so, there is good news.

Delegate Warren Miller, who represents parts of Howard and Carroll counties, has sponsored legislation to FULLY REPEAL speed cameras & red light cameras throughout Maryland!


Momentum is building, and more than 20 co-sponsors have signed on to his legislation.

For some reason, however, many of our Baltimore County delegates (listed below) haven’t joined the cause.

What are they waiting for?

Why do they hesitate to defend due process, civil liberties, privacy rights, and the financial well-being of their constituents?

If you want this to change, CONTACT YOUR DELEGATES!

Tell them to co-sponsor Delegate Warren Miller’s legislation to end the highway robbery and repeal speed cameras & red light cameras!

Not sure who represents you? Find out at

These Baltimore County delegates still haven’t co-sponsored speed & red light camera repeal:

Del. Robert B. Long (R), District 6 ***Update – is now a sponsor
(410) 841-3458

Del. Richard K. Impallaria (R), District 7 ***Update – is now a sponsor
(410) 841-3289

Del. Patrick L. McDonough (R), District 7 ***Update – is now a sponsor
(410) 841-3334

Del. Kathy Szeliga (R), District 7
(410) 841-3698

Del. Eric M. Bromwell (D), District 8 ***Update – is now a sponsor
(410) 841-3766

Del. John W. E. Cluster (R), District 8 ***Update – is now a sponsor
(410) 841-3526

Del. Christian J. Miele (R), District 8
(410) 841-3365

Del. Benjamin T. Brooks, Sr. (D), District 10
(410) 841-3352

Del. Jay Jalisi (D), District 10
(410) 841-3358

Del. Adrienne A. Jones (D), District 10
(410) 841-3391

Del. Shelly L. Hettleman (D), District 11
(410) 841-3833

Del. Dan K. Morhaim (D), District 11
(410) 841-3054

Del. Dana M. Stein (D), District 11
(410) 841-3527

Del. Eric D. Ebersole (D), District 12
(410) 841-3328

Del. Terri L. Hill (D), District 12
(410) 841-3378

Del. Clarence K. Lam (D), District 12
(410) 841-3205

Del. Stephen W. Lafferty (D), District 42A
(410) 841-3487

Del. Susan L. M. Aumann (R), District 42B
(410) 841-3258

Del. Christopher R. West (R), District 42B
(410) 841-3793

Del. Charles E. Sydnor III (D), District 44B
(410) 841-3802

Del. Patrick G. Young (D), District 44B
(410) 841-3544


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