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Victory! Landlords Won’t Have to Accept Section 8

Dear Baltimore County Neighbor,

VICTORY! Baltimore County Council REJECTS Kamenetz and Section 8 Renting Bill

You did it!

All your petitions, phone calls, emails, volunteer efforts, and donations fueled a wildly successful campaign against Kevin Kamenetz’s Bill 46-16.

The bill is dead, and Kamenetz is very “disappointed.” Nice!

Your efforts were so effective that only one councilperson had the nerve to vote to betray property owners and property rights.

The one bad vote was Councilman Julian Jones.

Tell all your friends in his district – areas in west Baltimore County like Randallstown, Woodlawn, Milford Mill, and Windsor Mill – that their Councilman Julian Jones voted to trash their property rights and force more Section 8 in their neighborhoods.

You can breathe a little easier knowing that landlords in your neighborhood won’t be bullied into accepting Section 8 into their properties unwillingly…at least for a while.

Unfortunately, the county is legally obligated to introduce this legislation again after the next local election.

Even worse, Delegate Steve Lafferty, who represents Towson, has promised to introduce this legislation statewide next year!

If you haven’t signed our petition yet, please do. This fight isn’t over!



And if you have signed our petition already, please chip in right now to help us pressure Delegate Lafferty in the Towson area for his wrong stance on this issue.

We need to go statewide to expose forced Section 8 for the scheme that it is.

Hopefully this experience in killing Bill 46-16 has shown that you CAN stand up for liberty and WIN…even in Maryland!

We can successfully take our rights into our own hands, no matter what the obstacles are.

It doesn’t matter if our politicians don’t believe in limited-government principles, and it doesn’t matter if big-government special interest groups are actively working against us.

If you think Maryland Campaign for Liberty can’t overcome those odds, think again.

Here’s proof.

Even Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, who has voted to violate our liberties and expand government power at just about every opportunity, was forced to vote against Bill 46-16 because of the pressure generated by Maryland Campaign for Liberty and its members like you.

This was in spite of supporters of Bill 46-16 urging her to pass it.


Bevins pressured on 46-16

Liberty is popular!

We will continue to win on its behalf as long as we stay vigilant and put in the legwork needed to mobilize like-minded citizens.

However, the journey toward liberty can’t just be a marathon run by a few dedicated volunteer activists.

You never know when an unexpected life event could take them out of the running and jeopardize the entire local liberty movement.

Nothing would make enemies of liberty, like Kevin Kamenetz, happier.

Instead, our movement needs to be a relay race run by masses of grassroots volunteers each responsible for a few steps toward the finish line.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty and its members like you are the real deal.

It’s not a matter of IF we can stop government intrusion in our lives and our wallets, it’s a matter of HOW QUICKLY we’re willing to do it.

We’ve proven we can win battles for liberty.

We can continue to win more frequently if more people who care about liberty get involved.

Click here to get involved in local volunteer efforts. We will contact you to find out which liberty issues motivate you and how we can most effectively collaborate.

Thanks again for all your efforts, with a special thank you to our volunteers and donors for your substantial investments of time and money into protecting the rights of your neighbors.

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We won the battle against Bill 46-16 which would have forced more Section 8 into “prosperous communities” in Baltimore County.

However, we haven’t won the war.

Baltimore County is required to reintroduce similar legislation after 2018, and Delegate Steve Lafferty has promised to introduce it statewide next year.

We can’t let our guards down.

Click here to strengthen the ranks of volunteers fighting to protect our rights and block liberal social engineering schemes like forced Section 8 expansion.

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