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The Section 8 mandate could get rammed through last minute

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Time is short.

The 2017 Maryland General Assembly will be over in a few weeks.

And while your petitions and phone calls have pressured politicians to delay their vote on forced Section 8 expansion so far, there is still cause for concern.

It is possible that Delegate Steve Lafferty from Towson, the lead sponsor of this social engineering scheme, will release his bill from his committee to the House floor in the 11th hour.

This would deprive citizens of vital time needed to mobilize in opposition to the Section 8 mandate.

That’s why we need to prepare our opposition right now.


Please click here to chip in a few bucks to make sure Annapolis hears loud and clear that the majority of citizens REJECT Lafferty’s forced Section 8 expansion.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty has already begun launching a robocall campaign to thousands of voters in key legislative districts.

The call is informing voters about the forced Section 8 expansion scheme, and it instructs them to “press 1” to be directly transferred to their state rep and voice opposition to the bill.

Your investment is vital for applying sufficient pressure on our Annapolis politicians.

Each new dollar helps us reach about 40 new people.

Please invest a little bit right now to help encourage our state reps to vote against the Section 8 mandate.

Unfortunately, Delegate Steve Lafferty is intentionally betraying the citizens from his own county.

His constituents overwhelmingly rejected the forced Section 8 expansion in Baltimore County last summer.

But now, hell-bent on revenge against his own constituents, Lafferty wants his statewide mandate to overturn the Baltimore County Council’s 6-1 vote against the local mandate.

And while it’s important to widely expose Lafferty’s flagrant anti-liberty attitude…

…we will have a better chance of killing his Section 8 mandate by pressuring politicians who aren’t totally blinded by leftist ideology.

Your Maryland Campaign for Liberty leaders have researched and analyzed the legislature and identified two key targets.

Our current targets, Senators Bobby Zirkin and Jim Brochin from Baltimore County, are probably the deciding votes who could kill the Section 8 mandate in their Judicial Proceedings Committee.

They both expressed concerns with the mandate at a recent public hearing, perhaps due to common sense…

…or perhaps due to personal self-interest since both are landlords and rightfully wouldn’t want to be forced to deal with Section 8 bureaucracy.

Or, maybe, just maybe…it’s because of a flood of their constituents “pressing 1,” as instructed by our robocall, and demanding that they reject the Section 8 mandate and denounce it publicly!

However, at the public hearing, Senators Brochin and Zirkin seemed a little too comfortable with the idea of compromising or amending the Section 8 mandate and watering it down…

in order to appease the leftist social engineers who are scheming to create dependency and buy votes at the expense of our liberty, property values, and safety.

Make no mistake, a watered-down assault on liberty is STILL an assault on liberty!

Even if you “succeed” in compromising away a little bit of liberty instead of a lot, YOU STILL LOSE…and Lafferty wins.

This is not acceptable.

Brochin and Zirkin need to be reminded that most of their Baltimore County constituents are 100% against ANY DEGREE of mandatory Section 8 expansion.

Brochin Home ActFB
Zirkin Home ActFB

Help double down on the pressure! Invest in more robocalls to Brochin’s and Zirkin’s constituents.

Remember, if these two state senators vote to kill the mandate in committee, then Lafferty can’t ram it through last minute.

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Delegate Steve Lafferty, lead sponsor behind the forced Section 8 expansion bill, is hoping to trick Maryland citizens and the legislature into “compromising” and amending his unpopular social engineering scheme, while still keeping its core mandate in place.Then, by stalling and creating confusion with these amendments, he hopes to ram this bill through the legislature at the last minute…in hopes that citizens will miss the short window of opportunity to voice their opposition to the amended mandate.

We need to be ready for this.

If Lafferty gets his amendments passed, we will need funds on hand to launch an immediate citizen mobilization campaign into many more legislative districts.

But, our main goal is to pressure Senators Bobby Zirkin and Jim Brochin to kill the Section 8 mandate in their Judicial Proceedings Committee.

If that succeeds, then Lafferty’s plan will fail and the bill won’t move forward.

Please chip in here to help double down on robocalls into Zirkin’s and Brochin’s districts, and also to prepare a strong, immediate defense against a last-minute push by Lafferty to ram forced Section 8 expansion through the legislature.