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The Rain Tax is slowly ending. Why not end it now?

Dear Friend of Liberty,

In case you haven’t heard, Baltimore County Council has unanimously sponsored legislation to undo the rain tax (Bill 85-15).

While this is a positive development, the council has unfortunately chosen to only gradually repeal the tax over two years.

This means certain pro-tax members of the council can proudly claim to be anti-rain tax while still taxing us for a little longer.

Be aware that a gradual phase out of the rain tax is NOT genuine repeal, and that no politician ought to receive praise for “repealing” a tax when that tax will continue to  bleed the community for a while longer.

True repeal happens NOW.

CLICK HERE! Sign the petition to IMMEDIATELY repeal the rain tax!

Dragging out this tax on Baltimore County citizens is inexcusable and unjustifiable, especially since the county has begun collecting new revenue from ambulance fees estimated at $26 million per year, which is about $10 million MORE than the total annual revenue generated from the rain tax!

Unfortunately, it seems some of our local tax-n-spend politicians just love their precious rain tax too much to let it go so soon.

Let’s not forget that some of the same politicians who are now sponsoring the gradual repeal were among those who voted FOR the original rain tax in 2013.

Remember, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz requested introduction of the rain tax in 2013, and council members Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, and Tom Quirk voted for it.

The same council members, plus councilmen Julian Jones and David Marks, voted AGAINST an effective rain tax repeal amendment earlier this year.

And by the way, did they gradually phase IN the rain tax when it first began?

Of course not!

They wasted no time extracting the full amount of rain tax revenue from their constituents on day one.

They will seize their constituents’ money in a heartbeat, but can’t seem to let go quite so easily.

Or can they? There is one way to find out.

If a council member will have the courage to sponsor an amendment to repeal the rain tax NOW rather than later, then the rest of the council will be forced to vote on it.

Councilmen Todd Crandell and Wade Kach had the courage to do this on a rain tax bill earlier in the year, but it is not yet clear whether they will stick to their guns this time, and they could use your encouragement.

Every other lawmaker in the county betrayed taxpayers
by shutting down Crandell’s & Kach’s previous rain tax repeal amendment.

Although the grassroots pressure favors rain tax repeal, these two councilmen are undoubtedly under the opposition’s pressure to compromise for something less than immediate repeal.

But compromising on our liberties is a failing strategy.

Sponsoring the uncompromising position of immediate rain tax repeal is the only way to force politicians to publicly announce to their constituents whether they are for or against our rights.

And, of course, it’s impossible to get genuine rain tax repeal without first introducing uncompromising legislation to do so!

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The citizens of Baltimore County deserve to know which of their local legislators are addicted to rain tax revenue and which ones aren’t.

If any council members aren’t willing to quit the rain tax cold turkey by voting for its immediate repeal, then we will know that they are NOT true champions of rain tax repeal and deserve to be known as pro-rain tax politicians for the remainder of their political careers.

It’s a win-win. All reward, no risk.

Sponsoring an uncompromising amendment for immediate repeal will either A) provide transparency by revealing who is secretly pro-rain tax, or B) eliminate the rain tax immediately!

Even if the amendment fails, the rain tax will still be phased out over a couple years.

All council members have publicly made the commitment to sponsor phasing it out, and they would embarrass themselves if they flip flopped when forced to vote on an amendment for immediate repeal.

Please contact councilmen Todd Crandell and Wade Kach and let them know you support amending Bill 85-15 to immediately repeal the rain tax, and that you strongly urge them not to give into any pressure to compromise on this issue.

Please pass this message along to friends and encourage them to do the same!

CLICK HERE! Sign the petition to IMMEDIATELY repeal the rain tax!

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Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your councilmanic district HERE
COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Kevin Kamenetz 410-887-2450
Post on his Facebook
DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386
Post on his Facebooks HERE and/or HERE
DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385
Post on her Facebook
DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach 410-887-3387
Send him a Facebook message
DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389
Post on his Facebook HERE
DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell 410-887-3383
Post on his Facebook
Example e-mail:
SUBJECT: I support immediate rain tax repeal. Do you?
Dear (councilperson),

I encourage you to sponsor an amendment to Bill 85-15 to repeal the fees IMMEDIATELY rather than gradually phasing them out. Businesses, residents, and our local community and economy don’t deserve to suffer any further damage and embarrassment from this money grab, especially considering Baltimore County’s new $26 million yearly revenue stream from ambulance fees. Prove that you are truly opposed to the rain tax by sponsoring and voting for its immediate repeal.


– Concerned and overtaxed constituent –


-Read the rain tax phase out Bill 85-15 HERE

-Learn about the attempt to effectively repeal the county rain tax earlier this year HERE

P.S. The rain tax has made our local economy and government the laughingstock of the nation. Residents and businesses have been taxed to their threshold and are fleeing to areas with more limited government. Baltimore County Council is finally starting to face reality and has unanimously proposed phasing out the rain tax over 2 years, but why can’t they just stop the economic damage and embarrassment now?

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