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Tell Kamenetz to Cut Wasteful Spending, Not Raise Water Bills – Sign the Petition

Whereas: County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is constantly pushing for larger county budgets and more spending at taxpayer expense, and;

Whereas: Kamenetz’s eagerness to place government’s budget ahead of his constituents’ personal budgets indicates how he will treat all Maryland taxpayers if given the chance, and;

Whereas: When county government tries to provide too many services, it unfairly steals market share from local businesses, allocates resources in a politicized and inefficient manner, hurts economic development, and drains the livelihood of working families, and;

Whereas: Failing to voice opposition will only encourage Kamenetz to continue his expensive big-government agenda;

Therefore: We, the citizens of Baltimore County, demand that County Executive Kevin Kamenetz stops constantly increasing county budgets while dumping the burden on us.

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