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Section 8 Expansion Vote Monday – Act Now to Stop It

Dear Baltimore County Neighbor,

This is it.

Last call to protect your property rights and property values from County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s attempt to force all Baltimore County landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers.

County council will vote on this legislation on Monday, August 1st.
Please CLICK HERE and chip in a few bucks to make sure county council hears loud and clear that the majority of their constituents are AGAINST Kamenetz’s Section 8 expansion.

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty has begun launching a robocall campaign to thousands of voters in key council districts.

The call is informing voters about Bill 46-16 and instructing them to “press 1” to be directly transferred to their councilperson and voice opposition to the bill.

Your investment is vital for applying sufficient pressure on our local politicians.

Each new dollar helps us reach about 40 new people.

Please invest a little bit right now to help encourage county council to vote against Bill 46-16.

If you haven’t already heard, Kamenetz’s council bill 46-16 will make “source of income discrimination” illegal for landlords.

This means all landlords in ALL Baltimore County neighborhoods will be under pressure to either accept Section 8 or else risk costly discrimination lawsuits and severe fines.

In short, if Bill 46-16 passes, then every landlord in your neighborhood will be left with little choice but to invite in more Section 8.

Local Campaign for Liberty volunteers attended a recent public hearing on this legislation to present your petitions and voice our opposition.

signed 46-16 petition

During the hearing, it was revealed that nearly 35,000 Section 8 applicants are awaiting approval for the program!

Representatives of the program promised that federal money would be made available to all eligible Section 8 applicants.

So, if the promise of federal money is true, then there is only one thing stopping a massive flood of Section 8 into Baltimore County…

…and that one thing is the landlords who choose not to accept Section 8 vouchers or deal with the business terms imposed on them by the Section 8 administration.

Landlords will lose that choice if Bill 46-16 passes, and all constraints on a massive Section 8 expansion in our neighborhoods will be GONE.

It is vital that the citizens of Baltimore County step up now to block this Section 8 expansion scheme.

CLICK HERE to please invest what you can to protect your community.

So far, our effort is going very well.

At the county council’s recent public hearing, we presented over 1400 of county residents’ signed petitions against Bill 46-16.

Petition stack to stop bill 46-16

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, who is likely to be the deciding vote, has grudgingly caved to the pressure generated by our Facebook ads and flyer campaigns in her district.

She has indicated that she will be voting against Bill 46-16.

However, we can’t risk letting our guards down.

There is a loud, organized leftist opposition pressuring Bevins and other council members to support Bill 46-16.

That is why we need to display our larger numbers and superior organization by ramping up our robocall campaign to pressure county council to vote against Bill 46-16 on Monday.

We need your support in order to follow through on the thousands of robocalls we have planned.

Please CLICK HERE and invest in our robocall campaign to help protect our property rights and property values from a massive Section 8 expansion.

This is a winnable battle.

It already appears we have a 4-7 majority of council members needed to reject Bill 46-16.

However, some of those “no” votes seem a little too comfortable with the idea of compromising or amending Bill 46-16 to water it down.

Make no mistake, a watered-down assault on liberty is STILL an assault on liberty!

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has said she opposes the bill “in its present form.”

Councilman Wade Kach said he opposes the bill “as written.”

Councilman David Marks said he’s “absolutely” interested in finding ways to work together with supporters of this bill who wish to violate our property rights and steal our tax dollars.

These politicians need to be reminded that most of their constituents are 100% against any degree of mandatory Section 8 expansion.

That’s why we need your help to finance our robocall campaign to help mobilize voters to call their councilperson and reject Bill 46-16.

Please CLICK HERE to invest in helping Campaign for Liberty complete this robocall campaign.

Thank you for showing up to this fight and proving to our politicians that Campaign for Liberty and its members are not to be taken lightly.

We will continue to stand up for liberty by exposing any politician who isn’t 100% on board with preserving and restoring our natural rights.

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. It is a myth that we won our independence in the American Revolution.

The reality is that this is an endless battle which requires eternal vigilance and activism.

Our natural right to liberty and self-rule are under constant assault by our own politicians.
The latest example in Baltimore County is regarding Council Bill 46-16 which will force landlords in every neighborhood to accept Section 8 vouchers or else risk expensive lawsuits and severe fines.

Even if the bill doesn’t pass, a legal settlement requires Baltimore County to potentially reintroduce it every year for up to 12 years.

Fortunately, we aren’t forced to defend liberty with muskets and cannons, but we do require mass-marketing dollars and labor to mobilize enough angry voters to pressure anti-liberty politicians to improve their legislative behavior.

Please click here to stay engaged in this eternal fight for liberty with a recurring investment of $10 per month, or just 33 cents per day. Simply check the box that says “make this a monthly recurring contribution.”

People pay monthly insurance premiums to protect themselves from all sorts of risks.

What about the risks that local politicians pose to your civil liberties and property rights?

Have you “insured” yourself against that?

Calling anti-liberty politicians a “risk” is an understatement. Politicians are all but GUARANTEED to assault our liberty if they don’t fear any backlash.

It’s up to you and me to make sure there is always backlash and “insure” ourselves against big-government power grabs like Bill 46-16.

Funds are always needed to expose anti-liberty politicians’ destructive, self-serving actions with robocalls, social media ads, and other forms of mass marketing to their constituents.

Unlike most other types of insurance, you will DEFINITELY get a return on your liberty insurance dollars which protect you against the constant risk of local government overreach.

Click here to invest in “liberty insurance” by setting up a monthly contribution.

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