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Scamera Bill Will be Heard Today

Today is an important moment for our efforts to repeal “scameras” in Maryland.

Our Senate Bill, SB785, would remove the authority for the state to install and operate automated ticket machines.

This bill, sponsored by Senator E.J. Pipkin, will be heard in the Judicial Proceedings Committee.

If we receive an affirmative vote in the committee, the bill goes for a full floor vote. If we do not receive an affirmative vote, the bill dies.

Based on information we have received, we have identified six pivotal votes.

We believe that if we can get the following six Senators to support our legislation we can get this bill out of committee – but we can’t do that without your help.

Can you please help us move this bill out of committee by calling these Senators and asking them to vote in favor of SB785?

Senator James Brochin 410-841-3648

Senator Norman Stone 410-841-3587

Senator Bobby Zirkin 410-841-3131

Senator Nancy Jacobs 410-841-3158

Senator Christopher Shank 301-858-3903

Senator Joseph Getty 410-841-3683

Getting a full floor vote is vital – we need to know which Senators support the 6th amendment to the constitution and which senators support extorting Marylanders with this scam.

Can you spend a few minutes and help us move this issue forward by calling these Senators?