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Rain Tax – Guess who just failed to repeal it‏

Dear Friend of Liberty,

You were just betrayed.


On Monday, March 2nd, the Baltimore County Council had an easy opportunity to effectively repeal the Rain Tax by bringing it down to one cent.1

All but two of the members failed to do so.

Pathetically, a majority of our County Council members care more about supporting unconstitutional mandates than they care about protecting the local economy from being a national laughingstock.

When forced to pay a bill they can’t afford, they would rather shake you down for more tax revenue than cut wasteful spending.

They are more loyal to the recipients of “free” government goodies than to the local businesses, homeowners, and workers who are quietly forced to pay for it all — while David Marks, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk, Julian Jones, and Kevin Kamenetz boastfully accept all the credit for those goodies.

You guessed it – those 5 Council members and County Executive Kamenetz all opposed Rain Tax repeal in the March 2nd vote.

They pretend to be sympathetic to the taxpayer with their phony public statements, but ultimately it’s their legislative voting record that shows their true colors and blatant betrayal of their false assurances and concerns.

Here are some disgusting examples:

Republican David Marks pretended to care about taxpayers when he said, “Maryland is becoming known as a state that just taxes everything that moves. There’s just raw anger about the number of taxes that are going up in the state.”

Yet, Marks voted on March 2nd against ending the Rain Tax and threw away his anti-tax credibility.

Democrat Vicki Almond said, “I still don’t like the bill, and I think there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered.”

She said this right after voting FOR the Rain Tax back in 2013! She supported it with her vote, then immediately lied to reporters by claiming not to support it! And of course, she also voted against the March 2nd repeal legislation.

Some of their statements about the Rain Tax are just plain ignorant:

“Now that we’re into this a little bit we see that our businesses are suffering from the amounts of money they have to pay for stormwater management,” said Councilwoman Vicki Almond.

Really? Taxes are bad for business and the economy? Who knew?

Clearly, Vicki Almond is economically illiterate (and a two-faced liar) and doesn’t deserve to have any influence over economic policy in our county. Again, Vicki Almond voted FOR the original Rain Tax in 2013 and AGAINST the recent Rain Tax repeal.

Even in spite of her “breakthrough economic discovery” that taxes are bad for the economy, she still opposes eliminating the Rain Tax.

Baltimore County Council members on BOTH sides of the aisle want to continue taxing rain.

Was your representative among those who betrayed you?

Remember, David Marks, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk, Julian Jones, & Kevin Kamenetz are to blame for continuing our embarrassing Rain Tax policy.

Call or e-mail them NOW to express your disgust! Use the example e-mail below if you’d like!  Forward this blog post far and wide!


Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your district HERE

COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Kevin Kamenetz 410-887-2450

COUNTY COUNCIL  (members who opposed Rain Tax repeal)

DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386

DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385

DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389

DISTRICT 5 – David Marks  410-887-3384

DISTRICT 6 – Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388

Example e-mail:

SUBJECT: Repeal the Rain Tax NOW

Dear (councilperson/Kevin Kamenetz),

Your unwillingness to effectively repeal the Rain Tax is unacceptable!  Introduce and vote for full repeal legislation IMMEDIATELY if you ever hope to regain any credibility amongst Baltimore County taxpayers.


– Concerned and overtaxed citizen –


1) See who voted against the recent $.01 Rain Tax amendment in Bill 9-15 HERE

Votes for the original 2013 Rain Tax Bill 20-13 can be found HERE on page 7


In liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty leadership team

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