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Petition to stop HB-1513, the “Central Committee Packing Scheme”

Taking a cue from FDR’s Supreme Court Packing Scheme in the 1930s, Baltimore County Delegates Impallaria, McDonough, and Szeliga have introduced HB-1513, a so-called “emergency” piece of legislation that is designed to block out emerging conservative leadership that these rogue politicians perceive as a direct threat to their power through elections.

Like Obama and FDR, these Progressive “Republicans” cannot stand conservative challenges to their failed leadership.

This bill, if enacted, would allow these rogue Delegates to:

  1. Place themselves immediately onto the Harford County Central Committee as voting members;
  2. remove existing members;
  3. fill vacancies on the committee;
  4. disqualify all Committee members from holding two offices, except for state legislators (i.e. themselves!)

Click here to read the full bill.

The Central Committee is often the first rung on the ladder for new conservative leadership. These power-hungry politicians are subverting the rules for personal gain and evading the consequences of elections to hide their poor voting records on matters of substance.

Why does this matter to Baltimore County? Because if we don’t fight them over there in Harford, they will deliver the same tyranny over here in Baltimore County.

Sign this petition and demand they WITHDRAW HB-1513 IMMEDIATELY!


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