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Petition to Restore Civil Liberties

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Whereas: No government, whether local, state, or national, shall restrict individual liberty without due process; and

Whereas: No one should ever be fined, detained, or otherwise treated as a criminal where no victim or damaged party exists as a result of his or her actions; and

Whereas: No citizen should ever have to first “prove” his or her innocence or legitimacy to a government bureaucracy in order to freely engage in an interaction, transaction, or contract with other freely consenting parties; and

Whereas: Free interaction and trade among individuals is the foundation of the economy and society overall; and

Whereas: Any government interference with free interaction and trade is detrimental to society;

Therefore: As your constituent, I DEMAND that you initiate and support the repeal of existing legislation which: A) requires government permission for interacting and trading with others, or B) punishes people, financially or otherwise, who have not victimized anyone else.