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Petition to Cut Property Taxes in Baltimore City

Whereas: The real estate property tax rate in Baltimore City is more  than double the rate of surrounding counties:

  • Baltimore City Tax Rate is 2.248% of assessed value.
  • Baltimore County Tax Rate is 1.1% of assessed value.
  • Anne Arundel County Tax Rate is 0.95% of assessed value; and

Whereas: Homeowners, business owners, and investment capital need a reason to come here and stay here. Instead of attracting them, Baltimore’s high property tax rate does the opposite; and

Whereas: A high tax rate is a lose-lose proposition since the resulting economic strain and depressed property assessments hurt the profitability and tax base of private and public interests, respectively; and

Whereas: Insignificant, token property tax rate cuts insult voters’ intelligence and will not improve the local economy in any meaningful way;

Therefore: As your constituent, I DEMAND that you support all efforts to make a genuine cut in our property tax rate on real estate.  Slashing the rate to a competitive level of 0.95% would be a good start!