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New Plan for Your Neighborhood: More Section 8!

Dear Baltimore County Neighbor,

Warning: Your property value is at stake.

Baltimore County government is looking to push more taxpayer-subsidized Section 8 housing into middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods countywide.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Councilwoman Vicki Almond just introduced Bill 46-16 which is designed to BULLY landlords into accepting Section 8 tenants against their will.

Click here to protect your property values from this outrageous attack on your property rights.


This is part of a larger effort to steal $30 million from us and give it to wealthy developers so they can build themselves 1000 homes in prosperous neighborhoods…

…then rent them to tax-subsidized low-income families – at a cost of millions per year for county taxpayers.

Talk about a double dose of cronyism at taxpayer expense.

On top of that, the county pledges to relocate 2000 Section 8 families into nicer neighborhoods that other residents had to earn access to through hard work and sacrifice.

Ask yourself this, are there actually any neighborhoods that have IMPROVED as a result of more Section 8 coming in?

Ask your friends who experienced an influx of Section 8 housing in places like Dundalk, Essex, and Edgewood.

See what they tell you.

As it stands right now, council members Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk, and Julian Jones are openly telling us that they believe it is acceptable to force more Section 8 in our neighborhoods by violating landlords’ civil liberties and property rights.

They are open to destroying your property value as long as it makes sense for their political careers.

Click here to add your name to the growing list of Baltimore County residents who oppose the forced expansion of Section 8 housing.


We need to take action now before Kevin Kamenetz, Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk, and Julian Jones disrespect our neighborhoods and give away unfair privileges that you and I have to work hard for.

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty has a plan to mobilize the public to pressure county council to reject Bill 46-16.

The initial phase of our current plan is going well!

Our Facebook ad with a petition opposing Section 8 expansion has gone viral throughout the county.

But, I’m afraid we WON’T be able to follow through on later phases of the plan or sustain our existing ad programs WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT.

Please click here to invest into strengthening the effort to protect our neighborhoods from Section 8 encroachment.

Generating grassroots pressure on county politicians is a mass-marketing exercise and requires marketing dollars.

We need to:

-Run robocalls to tens of thousands of registered Baltimore County voters, urging them to call their councilperson and voice opposition to Bill 46-16

-Pay for an email service to continue blasting messages like this one to thousands of our members

-Sustain and expand the reach of online ads that are connecting people to the petition to oppose Bill 46-16

-Print thousands of petitions and deliver them to county council

Click here and then donate what you can to protect your community.


The leftist liberal opposition will double down to protect their control over OUR money, so we must double down to make sure we are the louder voice in our representatives’ ears.

We have more people on our side than the opposition, but until we can afford to mobilize them as laid out in our plan, county council will continue listening to the loud, greedy liberal minority.

Don’t let that happen. Click here right now to invest in this fight to stop the invasion of Section 8 in our neighborhoods!

Councilwoman Vicki Almond, of Reisterstown, said she’s not sure which way she’s going to vote.

Despite being interviewed over Independence Day weekend, she still isn’t sure whether or not it’s ok to spit in the face of liberty.

“I’ve been one who’s been on the fence, I admit that,” she said.

Do you think Almond would “be on the fence” if an influx of Section 8 was coming to her immediate neighborhood?

Councilman Tom Quirk, of Catonsville, is trying to “keep an open mind” and is waiting to “hear from a lot more constituents” before he decides whether he should stand up for the fundamental rights of property owners.

In other words, Quirk is saying he is waiting to see which way the political winds are blowing, regardless of what is right and what is wrong.

Councilman Julian Jones, of Woodstock, is all in favor of bullying landlords into accepting Section 8.

He even wants to force you to accept Section 8 tenants in your own home if you have, for example, a spare basement apartment for rent.

If it passes, Bill 46-16 says a landlord can’t “discriminate” against a tenant based on their “source of income.”

“To me, it goes back to discrimination or prejudice, where you’re taking a predetermined position about somebody without ever seeing them,” Jones said.

Ironically, Jones himself has taken a “prejudiced” and “predetermined position” about landlords…

…by assuming that every logical reason they have to refuse a particular source of income couldn’t possibly be explained as anything other than hateful bigotry!

That is a very rude, petty assumption to make about honest, hardworking landlords who Jones has never even met.

Plus, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to refuse tenants based solely on their source of income.

Not only does Jones insist on violating freedom of association by forcing landlords to enter into a costly, burdensome, and potentially unwanted business relationship with Section 8 administrators…

…but he is also demanding that we must all agree that ALL sources of income from ANY profession, investment, government program, or other source are ALL equally reliable and stable.

This is pure nonsense.

Different risks come along with different income sources that tenants use as a means to pay their rent.

Landlords ought to be free to determine the risks they’re willing to take with the investments of their life savings.

Government should NEVER force us to take unwanted risks with our life savings.

Click here to say NO! to the Kamenentz/Almond Section 8 Housing Scheme.


In addition to practical and philosophical reasons why Bill 46-16 should be scrapped, there is also a valid legal reason.

Source of income, unlike race or gender, is determined by one’s own free will and should therefore not qualify as a “protected category” under discrimination laws.

What’s next, will banks be forced to lend huge sums of your deposited money regardless of the borrower’s source of income?

Get real.

We need to take action NOW before the destructive practice of punishing innocent people for the non-crime of “source of income discrimination” gets a foothold in our laws and in our lives.

This battle is winnable, but only if you and I work together to mobilize like-minded citizens to take action.

We’ll keep you updated as new developments occur.

Please share this email with friends and family.

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Even after we succeed in killing Bill 46-16 this year, a Federal legal settlement obligates the county executive to put forth similar legislation EVERY YEAR until the bill passes or until the 12-year term of the legal settlement expires.

It is absolutely critical that we have the funds to sustain this fight for the long term and block unwanted Section 8 encroachment in our neighborhoods.

Please follow this link to INVEST $5, $10, $25, $50, or any affordable amount toward protecting property values and protecting the rights of property owners.

Remember, this is YOUR liberty at stake.

No one else is obligated to defend your liberty for you, especially not power-hungry politicians.

Please invest at least a small amount to help Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty force our politicians to behave correctly and block Section 8 expansion.

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