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Kevin Kamenetz & council propose doubling speed cameras! Tell them NO WAY!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is on a mission to DOUBLE Baltimore County’s speed camera program!

Kamenetz loves relying on talking points about how the county’s income and property tax rates have not risen in many years.  This is how he tricks people to believe that he is fiscally conservative so they will let their guards down on tax issues and not hold him accountable.

However, the Baltimore County budget has increased about 20% since 2011.

All of this increased spending must be paid for, which means the people must be taxed either directly or indirectly, either now or in the future.

One of Kamenetz’s favorite ways to sneakily fund his big-government agenda is with the speed camera program.

He likes using this money-grabbing program so much, that he has proposed nearly DOUBLING the 2015-16 speed camera program budget from $4.4 million to $8.75 million!

CLICK HERE to stop Baltimore County speed cameras!

kamenetz speed camera 2x budget 2

Kamenetz and his spineless pals on the county council have been unanimously supporting increases in speed camera program funding since the program was created in 2009.

Councilman David Marks has even admitted that speed cameras don’t improve traffic conditions and that their main purpose is to tax motorists and expand government!  Click here to see the Youtube clip of David Marks’s statements.

Yet, despite his superficial resistance to speed cameras designed to mislead his constituents, Marks has consistently voted for county budgets that increased funding for the speed camera program!1

Is it Marks’s agenda to grow government and violate individual rights? Or, will he finally step up and vote against speed camera funding?  Will he prove that he is genuinely opposed to speed cameras and introduce legislation to completely repeal photo enforcement in Baltimore County?

The speed camera program’s initial budget was $2.2 million and has grown almost every year since.  Council members David Marks, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, and Tom Quirk all voted in support of the funding increases which Kamenetz requested for this tyrannical expansion of the surveillance state.1

Will they do it again this year?

Click here to CHIP IN and help expose Kamenetz’s and county council’s speed camera betrayal! Your important contribution helps Campaign for Liberty create a political environment in Baltimore County where politicians risk serious damage to their political careers if they choose not to fiercely defend and promote liberty.  Chipping in $75, $50, $25, or even $5 will help hold politicians accountable and grow the local liberty movement.  Also please consider opting for a recurring contribution to sustain the movement’s momentum.

The final vote on the 2015-16 budget Bill 32-15 is on May 21st. 
Tell your councilperson to vote against this budget unless it completely eliminates speed camera funding.

If you are tired of radar robbery in Baltimore County, forward this information to everyone you know!
Otherwise we could see twice as many speed cameras popping up all around the county! Don’t give local politicians a free pass. Share this information via e-mail, social media, etc.

Make sure Kevin Kamenetz, David Marks, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, and Tom Quirk feel the political pain they deserve for using your tax dollars to implement speed camera programs!

CLICK HERE to stop Baltimore County speed cameras!

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! Scroll down to find an example e-mail to send them!

Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your councilmanic district HERE

COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Kevin Kamenetz 410-887-2450


DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386

DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385

DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach 410-887-3387

DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389

DISTRICT 5 – David Marks  410-887-3384

DISTRICT 6 – Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388

DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell 410-887-3383

CALL TO ACTION! Send the following e-mail to your local representatives!

Example e-mail:

SUBJECT: Stop funding speed cameras, then repeal them

Dear (councilperson/Kevin Kamenetz),

As you already know, many studies indicate that photo enforcement is rife with erroneous citations, does not improve traffic safety, and even increases accidents by distracting drivers. It is not ethical to attempt to generate revenue by violating drivers’ safety, privacy, and due process. Do not vote in support of the annual county budget Bill 32-15 without first amending it to eliminate ALL authorized spending on the police department’s speed camera program.  Then, immediately follow up with a bill to completely repeal photo enforcement in Baltimore County.  A failure to act in this manner will prove publicly that you stand for a growing surveillance state, shrinking civil liberties, and tax increases. Voters in your district will be reminded of your Bill 32-15 vote in the next election season if you do not act appropriately.

– Concerned and overtaxed citizen –


1) Here are links to past adopted county budgets and their supporting votes from council members, as well as the currently proposed budget Bill 32-15:

The speed camera program line item is buried within the Police Department budget.

2011 Budget ($2.2M for speed cameras) Bill 23-11  /  Votes

2012 Budget ($4M for speed cameras) Bill 25-12  /  Votes

2013 Budget ($4M for speed cameras) Bill 26-13  /  Votes

2014 Budget ($4.4M for speed cameras) Bill 23-14  /  Votes

2015 Proposed Budget ($8.75M for speed cameras) Bill 32-15 – Vote happens May 21

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