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Kamenetz & Council Want More Taxes PLUS Interest!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

A vote for more government spending is a vote for more taxes. Period.

Government spending is paid for with money taken by force from the people.

Some of it comes through direct taxation.

Some of it comes through indirect taxation and from mandatory fees, rising water bills, and petty fines from harmless “offenses.”

In their hopes to convince you that they haven’t raised taxes, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, county council, and their media lapdogs have been pushing deceptive propaganda.

They want you to believe that since they haven’t raised DIRECT tax rates, your taxes are not increasing.

But, this is false.

Remember, if we have more government spending, then it must be paid for with taxes in some form or another.

And guess what?

Every year, Kamenetz and all council members vote for more government spending.

Translation: Every year they vote for MORE TAXES!

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This means a lot of economic growth has been stolen from the hardworking citizens who created that growth…

…and spent by politicians and government bureaucrats who created nothing.

When politicians like Councilman David Marks publicly brag that they’ve never voted to increase taxes, don’t be fooled.

David Marks and every council member have voted for spending (tax) increases at every opportunity!

Guess who gets to pay for all that extra spending? We do.

While Baltimore County’s authorized general fund spending has grown nearly $400 million, or about 25%, since 2011…

median incomes in Baltimore County have only grown a little more than 2% over roughly the same time period.

Maybe if David Marks, Kevin Kamenetz, and the rest of county council didn’t vote to extract so much wealth from the productive people who create it, our incomes would grow more rapidly.

Plus, when people spend their own money for their own purposes, that money tends to be used much more efficiently than when Kamenetz and the council spend our money on other people.

30 sec guide to govt spending

Unfortunately, the behavior of our politicians gets worse.

As if more taxes were bad enough, your councilperson wants you to pay more taxes PLUS interest!

Our local politicians want to authorize nearly $300 million in government borrowing to finance their bloated budget.

If these borrowing ordinances pass, that means Baltimore County residents will be shackled with not only $300 million in new debt, but interest payments on top of it!

And, of course, this interest we pay doesn’t even stay in our community.

Instead that money enriches investors elsewhere.

Even assuming conservative interest rates near 3%, our county debt stands at roughly $3.3 BILLION as of the end of Fiscal Year 2015.

Do the math: That’s an annual interest payment of roughly $100 million being completely sucked out of our pockets and out of our community!

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The most recent budget proposal requests even more than $100 million to pay for debt service.

We can count on more money disappearing from Baltimore County next year if county council approves Kamenetz’s proposed borrowing ordinances.

In a way, this method of financing government is even more dangerous to liberty and the local economy than a straightforward tax rate hike.

Not only does it suck interest payments out of the community, but it also gives big-government politicians an unfair political advantage.

First off, as we’ve learned, it allows politicians to trick taxpayers to let their guards down.

Politicians like Kamenetz will increase spending, but then they’ll say they didn’t raise direct tax rates.

They want to deceive us into believing our government isn’t growing more and more expensive for citizens to sustain.

Secondly, when government borrows, the county receives bond investors’ money up front, and our politicians immediately use it to get more people hooked on big government.

Meanwhile taxpayers don’t feel any initial loss, so Kamenetz and your councilperson don’t have to fear angry taxpayer protests.

As more special interest groups get used to depending on more and more government money, they will tend to lobby against tax and spending cuts.

So, if county council passes borrowing ordinances, it will unfortunately encourage many Baltimore County citizens to demand more government and less liberty.

This dynamic helps the political careers of authoritarian politicians, and makes them less willing to respect taxpayers.

Do you want interest payments added into to your tax burden, even though that money results in zero benefit to the community?

Do you want more Baltimore County residents pressuring our legislators to maintain and increase spending?

Do you want to roll over and continue taking this fiscal abuse?

If not, it is imperative that you contact your councilperson right now to demand they reject all borrowing ordinances before the vote on May 26th.

When dealing with local politicians in relatively small districts, your voice has much more impact than you may realize.

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty members like you have rallied before to stop county council’s power grabs.

You have made a difference and can continue making a difference if you choose to.

Certain council members have even run to the media to try to explain their misbehavior after we called them out on it, so you know the pressure is working.

Your action today is necessary to provide a healthy counterweight to all the special interests begging county council to take more of your hard earned money in the upcoming fiscal year.

As we have seen, when your representatives know you’re paying attention to their behavior, they’re more likely to behave correctly.

Contact them and let them know you’re fed up with their disregard for principles of limited government!


Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your councilmanic district HERE


Kevin Kamenetz – 410-887-2450
Post on his Facebook HERE


DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386
Post on his Facebooks HERE and/or HERE

DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385
Post on her Facebook HERE

DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach 410-887-3387
Send him a Facebook message HERE

DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389
Post on his Facebook HERE

DISTRICT 5 – David Marks  410-887-3384
Post on his Facebook HERE

DISTRICT 6 – Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388
Post on her Facebook HERE

DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell 410-887-3383
Post on his Facebook HERE


Dear (Kevin Kamenetz/councilperson),

All new borrowing ordinances must be rejected. To approve them is to allow future taxes PLUS interest, with the interest payments escaping our community and enriching investors elsewhere. If county government can’t be financed without borrowing, then it is simply too big. Instead of shackling taxpayers with hundreds of millions of dollars of new debt, why not vote against the current budget proposal and only approve a budget that is reduced by the same amount as what Kamenetz proposes borrowing? Your past budget votes which authorized more county spending prove that you are a tax hiker, as all spending must be paid for either directly or indirectly by the people. Prove that you are not a tax hiker by rejecting borrowing ordinances and rejecting higher budgets on May 26th. Campaign for Liberty will inform me and regularly remind me if you decide to vote incorrectly on these issues.


-Concerned taxpayer

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We wanted to let you know that there is an upcoming training on May 28th  that will teach you how to be effective in making real political change. Best of all, this one-day training will be held locally in Towson at the Loch Raven Library!

If you want to get serious about protecting your liberty and preserving liberty for future generations, we urge you to sign up now for this class.

Click here for more information and to enroll now.

We need folks like you on the front lines and this class will equip you with tried and true methods that will produce results.

We sincerely hope to see you at the Loch Raven Library on May 28th @ 9 a.m. for this in-depth training.




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