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Delegates Chris West, Susan Aumann, & Pat Young want MORE speed camera cash

Dear Friend of Liberty,

It’s just embarrassing.

In spite of massive unpopularity of speed cameras, Delegate Chris West (R) has sponsored a bill to increase speed camera fines in Baltimore County.

Delegates Susan Aumann (R) and Pat Young (D) have signed on as co-sponsors.

Not only does House Bill 1035 increase fines, it also does the following:

***Increases the number of hours that speed cameras can lawfully operate.

***Reduces the speed threshold in which a vehicle owner can be fined.

Translation: Delegates West, Aumann, & Young want Baltimore County drivers to receive MORE speed camera tickets with HIGHER fines per ticket.


Camera fine increase

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Currently the state authorizes school-zone speed cameras to operate from 6am to 8pm, weekdays only.  Outside those hours, most school activity is over, and then schools close for the weekend.

So why do Chris West, Susan Aumann, & Pat Young insist on operating cameras as late as 10pm on weekdays and from 8am to 6pm on weekends when school is closed?

They can pretend it’s “for the children” all they want, but common sense shows that Bill 1035 is just another financial burden on motorists.

And guess what? Many motorists have children too.

Delegates West, Aumann, & Young seem intent on making life even harder for Baltimore County families struggling in a tough economy to provide their children with a decent standard of living.

These politicians are totally disrespectful, and show no compassion.

After all, pro-speed camera politicians began this shakedown operation in Baltimore County in 2009 in the midst of the “Great Recession,” when many families were at their most financially vulnerable.

Delegates West, Aumann, and Young are continuing this unethical tradition of prioritizing government power over people’s financial well-being.

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There’s little conclusive proof that speed cameras even work as intended, and there’s even reason to believe that they make roads less safe.

For many drivers, they see a speed camera, slow down temporarily to dodge a fine, then speed back up to a safely manageable rate that doesn’t feel obnoxiously slow.

Sometimes drivers don’t notice the camera immediately, and when they finally do, they brake erratically to avoid fines.

This creates an unsafe driving environment.

With speed camera ticketing thresholds even lower, and with fines higher, drivers might be encouraged to brake EVEN HARDER to avoid a ticket.

Delegate West’s proposal not only threatens our liberty, but it may well threaten our physical safety on the roads in Baltimore County.

Don’t let him get away with it.


Please call Delegate Chris West right now to demand his withdrawal of HB 1035.

Del. Christopher R. West (R), District 42B
(410) 841-3793

Also please contact Delegates Susan Aumann and Pat Young and demand they oppose this legislation.

Del. Susan L. M. Aumann (R), District 42B
(410) 841-3258

Del. Patrick G. Young (D), District 44B
(410) 841-3544

Find your district at

Example e-mail:
SUBJECT: Stop the camera fraud – Kill House Bill 1035

Dear Delegate (name),

I hate speed cameras, and so do thousands of Maryland residents. I get upset when politicians fail to oppose speed cameras, and even angrier when they propose making camera programs more oppressive. Speed cameras only serve crony camera companies and bloated government bureaucracies at the people’s expense.  Numerous studies and reports indicate they can and do cause accidents, and it’s well known how erroneous and unreliable they are. I urge your opposition of HB 1035. No compromises. Campaign for Liberty will keep me informed of your actions.

-Concerned citizen


1) Read House Bill 1035 HERE

2) Read how speed cameras make roads more dangerous HERE

3) Find your district at

P.S. Please call or email Delegates West, Aumann, and Young and demand they OPPOSE House Bill 1035, which makes speed cameras in Baltimore County more oppressive! CHIP IN HERE to keep the fight alive and help Campaign for Liberty add more pressure on more politicians to end the camera fraud in Maryland!

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