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Councilmen Promised Rain Tax Repeal. Where is it?

The State of Maryland no longer mandates any counties to implement the Rain Tax, but Baltimore County lawmakers still expect you to pay it.

Newly elected councilmen Todd Crandell & Wade Kach were chosen by voters in part because of their statements in opposition to the Rain Tax.

Last March, they made their token effort to appear honest to voters by introducing an amendment to cut the tax to one penny. Unfortunately, since then they haven’t introduced any Rain Tax repeal legislation.

Property taxes have come and gone, and Baltimore County taxpayers have coughed up another year of the Rain Tax.

The annual county budget passed unanimously in May.  Crandell, Kach, and every county lawmaker voted in MORE county spending, therefore making the county even more dependent on our tax dollars.

Have Crandell and Kach given up on their Rain Tax repeal efforts?  Why are they voting to increase spending when they present themselves as anti-tax?  Have they already become pawns of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz?

Don’t let Kevin Kamenetz BULLY council members to stop their Rain Tax repeal efforts.  Sign and SHARE the petition to end the Rain Tax!


Instead, Kach and Crandell should be introducing a plain, straightforward Rain Tax repeal bill at every opportunity.

This would force the rest of the county lawmakers to either cut taxes or else expose themselves as the tax-n-spend legislators they really are.

With the Rain Tax being hugely unpopular in our county, Crandell and Kach have the upper hand here.

Continually forcing Rain Tax repeal votes on Kevin Kamenetz & county council would leave them little choice but to vote for repeal or suffer massive political consequences in future elections.

Remember, county council members David Marks, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk, and Julian Jones all voted AGAINST Rain Tax repeal last March.  County executive Kevin Kamenetz constantly threatens to veto repeal attempts.

That’s fine.  Let these tax-n-spend politicians continue painting huge targets on themselves by going on the record in defense of their precious Rain Tax.

CHIP IN HERE to ensure that funds are available to expose the actions of pro-Rain Tax politicians.

Introducing Rain Tax repeal is a win-win for Kach and Crandell. Regardless of the immediate results, they will gain support from taxpayers while hurting pro-tax politicians in the process.

It’s time for Kach and Crandell to stand up to big government.

Give Wade Kach and Todd Crandell a call, send an email, or post on their Facebook pages.  Give them some encouragement and let them know you’re ready NOW for NOTHING LESS than total repeal of the Rain Tax in Baltimore County! 

Tell them they need to introduce a bill in the next legislative session (September 8th) to prove that they’re serious.  There is no good reason for them to wait on this.


Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your councilmanic district HERE

DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach


Post on his Facebook

DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell


Post on his Facebook

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P.S. Don’t let Kevin Kamenetz’s veto threats and intimidation discourage councilmen Wade Kach and Todd Crandell from introducing full Rain Tax repeal legislation. Contact them and let them know you support nothing less than total Rain Tax repeal!



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