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Councilman Marks threatens property owners…again

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Your property rights are not safe in Baltimore County.

County council members in both parties are scheming to infringe upon your private property rights — even though you’ve done nothing wrong to deserve it.

While Democrats like Kevin Kamenetz and Julian Jones assault property rights from one angle with their attempts at forced Section 8 social engineering…

…Republican Councilmen like David Marks and Wade Kach assault property rights from another angle with their attempts to extort property owners who have done nothing wrong.

Their latest assault, Bill 2-17, unfairly punishes innocent property owners when OTHER PEOPLE break the law on their property.

This unjust scheme attempts to financially destroy property owners and their families with fines, liens against their property which could result in foreclosure, and rental license revocation…

…all because their TENANTS (not the property owners) throw unruly parties.

Where’s the justice in that?

If you rent your house to me, is it your fault if I disrespect your property and throw an unruly party that annoys the neighbors?

Of course not. You had nothing to do with it.

But since David Marks and Wade Kach hate property rights so much and love getting more revenue, they figure they might as well try to fine you too.

Will you let them get away with it?

Please click here to sign your petition opposing this money grab!

Tenant landlord petition 2

Afterward, please forward this email to alert your Baltimore County neighbors and property owners.

It’s not just landlords who rent out their property who might face undeserved fines when their tenants throw a rowdy party.

This law could extort a homeowner or any other type of property owner if an unruly gathering of 4 or more people occurs on the property without the property owner’s permission.

When councilman Marks first introduced this scheme in August 2015, he wanted to use it against every property owner in the county.

But when he got resistance from Campaign for Liberty members like you, he withdrew the bill!

Still, we predicted he would come back with a watered-down version of the bill, which is exactly what happened in January 2016.

He passed this legislation, along with Kach and the rest of the council, as a “pilot program” in certain neighborhoods.

That way he could stealthily get a foot in the door without alarming every property owner in the county.

As you probably guessed, “pilot program” is politician-speak for, “We want to steal more of your rights, but first we need you to let your guard down.”

Now, with Bill 2-17, Councilman Marks and Kach hope to quietly expand this “pilot program” scheme into even more neighborhoods.

Don’t give these politicians permission to expand their “pilot program” of injustice into your neighborhood or anyone else’s.

Please sign & share the petition! Forward this email
to every property owner you know in Baltimore County so they don’t fall victim to this scheme!

Tenant landlord petition 2

For Liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Are you a property owner or someone who cares about property rights?

If so, I hope you’ll help spread the word about Bill 2-17, which is Councilman David Marks’ and Wade Kach’s latest abuse on property owners in Baltimore County.

If Marks and Kach get their way, here is how they want to punish INNOCENT property owners when SOMEONE ELSE throws an unruly party on their property without permission:

For the first violation (committed by someone else, not the property owner):

A warning notice to the property owner of the residence or other private property.

For the second violation (committed by someone else, not the property owner):

A civil penalty of $500 for the property owner of the residence or other private property.

For the third and subsequent violations (committed by someone else, not the property owner):

 A civil penalty of $1,000 and potential suspension or revocation of the rental license for the property owner of the residence or other private property.

Stop the injustice! Protect innocent property owners! Please sign the petition and forward this email to all your neighbors.

Tenant landlord petition 2

Please act quickly. Bill 2-17 is scheduled for a vote on this Tuesday, February 21st!