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Councilman David Marks loves speed cameras and spying on students

Councilman David Marks needs to level with the citizens in Baltimore County.

While running for office, he promised that he would “absolutely” oppose speed cameras.  He also admitted that their “main intention is to raise more revenue.”

But David Marks recently broke this promise and voted to DOUBLE the speed camera program budget in Baltimore County!

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What’s worse, the councilman has broken his promise over and over again.

He has voted to fund speed cameras EVERY YEAR he has served on county council.

Watch David Marks lie through his teeth by clicking below:

Click HERE for the Youtube clip


marks speed cam funding betrayal 2

His efforts to end speed cameras have been non-existent.  He has never put forth a bill to abolish speed cameras in Baltimore County.

Councilman David Marks should not be forgiven for his speed camera betrayal until he does the following:

1) He must vote against all future budgets that contain speed camera funding
2) He must relentlessly introduce and vote for legislation to repeal speed cameras

Is that unreasonable to ask?  Shouldn’t we expect that from someone who is “absolutely” opposed to speed cameras?

Now, on to the next point.

The speed camera funding that David Marks and the council authorized will be used in part by Baltimore County Public Schools to expand tracking of children’s movements in school…including their bathroom visits.

The county plans to ramp up its spending on school surveillance cameras, card entry doors, and mandatory ID cards which students must wear almost constantly while in school.

These programs are already in place, and they are about to become much more pervasive because of every county council member’s vote for more speed camera program funding.

According to Lansdowne High School principal Ken Miller regarding his students, “They swiped in to enter the building, to visit guidance, to go to the bathroom, so this is nothing new.”

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned supervision by responsible adults?

Schools have functioned in the past without expensive, intrusive surveillance cameras and ID scanners. To claim a need for this technology is absurd, and it’s wasteful of taxpayers’ money.

Imagine a generation of children being conditioned by their schools to believe the government needs surveillance technology to track their every move in the name of “safety.” 

Will they grow up to have any expectation of privacy from government eyes?  Or will they comply out of habit with higher and higher levels of state surveillance?

“It has to become part of the culture,” principal Miller said.

“We’ve been on this journey for quite some time and we’re not going to stop,” said superintendent Dallas Dance regarding increased school surveillance.

By approving more speed camera funding, Councilman David Marks and the rest of county council seem intent on helping unelected bureaucrats box us into an Orwellian police state.

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These elected and unelected spy state apologists will almost certainly use predictable excuses to defend their actions. They will insist that they only spy on us to protect us, or that it’s “for the children.” Baloney!

They might as well just say, “We have to violate your freedom to protect your freedom.”  What kind of idiotic reasoning is that?

Our children’s futures could be severely jeopardized if we allow local politicians to subject them to more and more government surveillance.

What guarantee do we have that data collected on our kids in school won’t be used against them or their parents in the future?
  What kind of “behavior profiles” could be generated with this data to justify restricting a student’s or parents’ rights even further?

Our county council members, who unanimously supported doubling the speed camera budget, are telling us two things:

1) they want more innocent motorists to be tracked (and taxed) by more speed cameras and license plate readers, and

2) they want more children to be conditioned to accept government intrusion into their lives.

Tell them their approval of more speed camera funding was irresponsible and tyrannical.

Demand they abolish the speed camera program in Baltimore County!

Repeal speed cameras! CLICK HERE to sign the petition!


Not sure who represents you on the county council? Find your councilmanic district HERE

COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Kevin Kamenetz 410-887-2450
DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386
DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385
DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach 410-887-3387
DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389
DISTRICT 5 – David Marks  410-887-3384
DISTRICT 6 – Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388
DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell 410-887-3383
CALL TO ACTION! Send this e-mail to your reps:
SUBJECT: Repeal speed cameras
Dear (councilperson/Kevin Kamenetz),

Your support of an annual budget that nearly doubles speed camera program funding is shameful.  To double down on this government surveillance program demonstrates your disregard for civil liberties and due process.  It also shows that you are a tax hiker as speed cameras are notorious revenue generators.  There is no conclusive proof that speed cameras improve safety. Many studies and common sense indicate that they make roads more dangerous due to shifting drivers’ attention away from the road to check their speedometer when approaching a camera.  As a legislator, you are responsible for getting bad laws off the books, regardless of whether you supported them initially.  Ignoring bad laws is just as shameful as supporting them.  Do the right thing and introduce a bill to abolish the speed camera program in Baltimore County.

-Concerned and overtaxed citizen

P.S. Councilman David Marks claimed to oppose speed cameras, but he has betrayed his constituents by voting for speed camera funding over and over again.  The rest of county council is equally guilty of supporting funding increases to this unconstitutional money-grabbing, privacy-invading program. 
Repeal speed cameras! CLICK HERE to sign the petition!


*See how your councilperson voted on the latest annual budget (which nearly doubled speed camera program funding) under Bill 32-15 HERE

*Read about school ID cards & principal Miller’s comments HERE

*Read about the county’s overall school surveillance program & its cost HERE

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