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Councilman David Marks & Councilman Julian Jones are STILL anti-1st Amendment

Dear Friend of Liberty,

First, Councilman David Marks indicated that he was ok with Girl Scouts being arrested…simply for going door-to-door offering their tasty cookies for sale without first begging for local government permission and obtaining a mandatory license.

Now, Councilman Julian Jones is indicating that he is ok with requiring the same “speech licenses” on everyone else who is above “school age.”

CLICK HERE – Tell Julian Jones & David Marks to support free speech for all!

Sadly, the attitudes of modern day politicians haven’t evolved much since times of medieval monarchs – “How dare the lowly peasants do something as harmless as visit their neighbors’ doorsteps and offer to sell them something they might want! We are the Baltimore County Council, and they must obtain our permission, or else!”

David Marks and the county council only backed off the Girl Scouts because members of Campaign for Liberty took a stand by calling and emailing their politicians about their concerns.

If you helped call out Councilman Marks’s misbehavior on this issue last winter, THANK YOU! You are helping to protect “school age children who are engaged in fund raising activities” from government bullies.1

Click here to CHIP IN and continue helping the fight to restore liberty in Baltimore County.  Even $5 enables Campaign for Liberty to shed light on politicians’ behind-the-scenes misbehavior to hundreds of registered voters.  Please consider choosing a recurring contribution to secure sustained momentum in holding local representatives accountable to principles of limited government.

According to the revised county council bill (Bill 38-15), which is scheduled for a May 21st vote, Girl Scouts and other youth organizations will be officially exempted from “speech licensing” requirements for their door-to-door activities that help build their business and people skills.

That’s great, but what about the rest of us? Apparently, Julian Jones, David Marks, and the county council deem all people beyond “school age” as troublemakers with bad intentions.

Instead of also exempting people above “school age,” our county council and county executive Kevin Kamenetz continue mandating that you must go through invasive licensing hurdles and possibly cough up some cash – just to get permission to knock on doors and talk to your neighbors about something you have for sale.

If you don’t comply and the police see you, BAM! Misdemeanor, fines, & possible jail time.

Talk about an absurd approach to so-called “economic development.”

Is this fair to hardworking salespeople and the productive enterprises they assist?

Is it fair to the taxpayers who are forced to fund police operations that have nothing to do with public safety?

Is it fair to police officers who signed up to stop genuine criminals, but instead get a bad reputation because the system designed by county council has them harassing harmless salespeople?

The answer is obvious.

To help restore some justice and sanity in Baltimore County, licensing requirements for door-to-door salespeople must be completely repealed.

The “guilty until proven innocent” attitude of our county politicians is unjust, archaic, and useless. We already have laws on the books to deal with abusive salespeople who violate our right to privacy and ignore “no soliciting” and similar signs.1

David Marks and Julian Jones STILL don’t understand the basic principle: Government shall not abridge our freedom of speech.

Being forced to provide personal information to local government in order to be granted a license to talk to people at their doorstep is a blatant violation of our 1st Amendment freedom of speech and our 4th Amendment privacy protections.

Do Julian Jones and David Marks understand and support the Bill of Rights?

Do they understand basic civil liberties and free market economics?

Based on their behavior it is hard to believe it, which is why we must MAKE them act according to principle through effective political activism.

Campaign for Liberty will keep you informed on our local politicians’ misbehavior, but YOU must contact them to make them realize that they are upsetting voters.

Will you step up and voice your concerns to Julian Jones, David Marks, and the rest of county council when they cross the line with absurd door-to-door licensing requirements?

CLICK HERE – Tell Julian Jones & David Marks to support free speech for all!

Once they believe their political careers might be threatened by upset voters, they are much more likely to place the voters’ concerns above their own agendas.

We have already seen our activism make progress on behalf of Girl Scouts and youth organizations, now it’s time to double down and demand door-to-door licensing exemptions for everyone in our county.

Contact Julian Jones, David Marks, and your councilperson to tell them to amend the door-to-door licensing exemption found in Bill 38-15 to apply to ALL PERSONS in ALL SITUATIONS. This will fully repeal the door-to-door licensing requirement found in Article 21, Title 11 of the Baltimore County Code.

Not sure who represents you on the county council?
Find your councilmanic district 
Kevin Kamenetz 410-887-2450
DISTRICT 1 – Tom Quirk 410-887-3386
DISTRICT 2 – Vicki Almond   410-887-3385
DISTRICT 3 – Wade Kach 410-887-3387
DISTRICT 4 – Julian Jones 410-887-3389
DISTRICT 5 – David Marks  410-887-3384
DISTRICT 6 – Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388
DISTRICT 7 – Todd Crandell 410-887-3383
CALL TO ACTION! – Copy & paste the following e-mail to send to your rep!


Example e-mail:
SUBJECT: Adults deserve freedom of speech too
Dear (councilperson/Kevin Kamenetz),
Speaking to our neighbors at their doorstep is not a crime.  Freedom of speech is for EVERYONE, not just “school age children who are engaged in fund-raising activities.” Stop looking for excuses to treat your well-meaning, hardworking constituents as criminals, and stop putting our law enforcement officers in a position of damaging their reputations by harassing harmless citizens.  Instead of creating political conditions that could trigger civil unrest, stand up for the Bill of Rights and amend Bill 38-15 to exempt ALL PERSONS in ALL SITUATIONS from door-to-door licensing requirements.  There is no excuse for obstructing or denying basic freedom of speech in our county.  It is tyrannical and unacceptable to uphold laws on the books that mandate obtaining a government license in order to legally have conversations with our neighbors at their doorstep  – whether it’s about an item for sale, “fund raising,” or any other topic.
– Concerned citizen –
1) Read the proposed Bill 38-15 HERE
Also, in case you missed it, check out Campaign for Liberty’s original report on this issue HERE to see how the door-to-door licensing requirement has been abused in localities across the nation.


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