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Council infested with property rights abusers

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Bill 8-17, the rat inspection mandate, just got imposed on every property owner in the county.

Thanks to David Marks, Todd Crandell, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, Julian Jones, and Tom Quirk, you are now guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to $1000 in fines…

…if you get caught moving or removing nearly any type of structure on your property without first paying for a rat inspection and getting a government permit.

It’s bad enough that the council sits back carelessly while county government wields the king-like power to force you to beg, grovel, and jump through hoops in order to receive its permission to alter “your” property.

Now, a 6-1 majority of the council also demands that you hire a private pest control contractor, even if your neighborhood has no rat problem.

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Assuming the rat inspection mandate will actually stop rat infestation (it won’t – rat populations grow because of food and garbage, not because of buildings being removed)…

…the council members who casually voted for Bill 8-17 were still TOO LAZY to come up with bill language that could limit the scope of the mandate to the specific neighborhoods complaining about rats.

But the problem with these council members goes beyond laziness.

It’s now clear that they have an intentional agenda to undermine property rights.

This is evident because they blocked Councilman Kach’s amendment to exempt much of his non-urban district from the rat inspection mandate.

If their genuine goal was simply to address problems in their own districts, they could have still done so even if Kach thought the mandate was wrong for his district.

But if their true goal is to expand government power at the expense of property rights, then it makes perfect sense why they would veto Kach’s amendment.

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Councilwoman Cathy Bevins might pretend to be compassionate toward rat-infested constituents by touting this superficial non-solution to the rat problem.

But where is her compassion for all the other property owners in the county who have to deal with the rat inspection mandate for no reason?

Who really benefits when Bevins, Marks, and the others impose mandates on ALL property owners in an attempt to collect more votes from certain neighborhoods?

They certainly did not count on anyone else noticing or resisting Bill 8-17.

They figured they could claim action on behalf of rat-infested neighborhoods, milk them for votes, and expect other property owners to sit back and quietly accept the gradual loss of their rights.

Rights which, by the way, the currently rat-infested property owners also lose.  If the mandate doesn’t go away, these property owners will still have to pay for pointless rat inspections long after their rat problems end.

But you and I are making sure our politicians’ plays for short term political gain, at the expense of current and future generations’ freedom, don’t go unpunished.

If we put in the work, we can create an environment where the only reliable way for politicians to score political gain for themselves is by aggressively defending and restoring our liberty.

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Let’s keep doubling down on punishing anti-liberty politicians by exposing their legislative misbehavior, like the rat inspection mandate, to more of their constituents.

For liberty,

Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Council members David Marks, Todd Crandell, Cathy Bevins, Vicki Almond, Julian Jones, and Tom Quirk just imposed the rat inspection mandate on all property owners in Baltimore County.

Because of them, anyone wishing to move or remove nearly any structure on their property can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined $1000…

…if they don’t first get a government permit and pay a private pest control company to inspect for rats.

If you’re tired of the constant abuse of property owners and want to do something about it, please sign up here to volunteer with Baltimore County Campaign for Liberty.

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